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BG Alto Sax/Clarinet Ligature DUO Gold Plated LD1

BG Alto Sax/Clarinet Ligature DUO Gold Plated LD1

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Use this ligature and you'll find more stable intonation in all registers, more precise articulation, more focused tone and a warm sound quality, and it's rounder and richer in this 24k gold plated version. 

The LD1 has minimum contact for maximum vibrations and it grips perfectly to cane and synthetic reeds though allowing for quick and easy reed or instrument changes. Plus it fits Bb Clarinet and Alto Saxophone!


INSTRUMENTS Alto Sax & Bb Clarinet
CONCEPT Minimum rails connection with mouthpiece and reeds
PLATING Gold Plated
ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCES Focused tone, bright and round sound, precise staccato, homogeneous in all the registers
UTILIZATION Soloist, orchestra, large concert halls
MOUTHPIECE Alto sax & Bb clarinet. Ebonite mouthpieces
COMMENTS Easy to play. Great projection of sound- BG Innovation