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Guitar, Keyboard & Drum set Rentals

We are now offering 2 different rental options for Guitars, Keyboards, and Drum sets: Rent-to-own and rent-to-rent.

Nearly all instruments we have for sale in the store are available for our rent-to-own program. If you are unsure of your child's commitment to a particular instrument or if the upfront cost is a concern, consider renting one of our instruments. It ensures that you receive a quality instrument conducive for learning without getting stuck with it if your child changes his/her mind after a few months. Rent-to-own rental periods are 3 months minimum. The rental rate is 10% of the retail value plus an $8 per month maintenance fee. 70% of the base rental payments can be applied to the purchase of the instrument.

We also have instruments available for a straight rent-to-rent rental. The monthly rental price is determined by the value tier; 1 through 4, ranging from $30.83 to $63.83, which includes maintenance and sales tax. Rent-to-rent have no minimum term and no equity is gained during the rental. You may rent an instrument as long or as short a period as you want. 

Short-Term P.A. Rental

We do offer daily and weekend P.A. Rentals for small performances. Please give us advanced notice with your requirements so we can insure we have enough pieces to meet your needs. $100/day or weekend.

School Band and Orchestra Instrument Rentals

We offer a full assortment of school band and orchestra instruments for rent. All our band and orchestra instruments are owned by Ted Brown Music in Tacoma. 

We carry the following band and orchestra instruments to rent:

Used $31.93, Like New $49.55

Snare/Bell Kit

Used $57.25, Like New $78.17

Bass Clarinet
French Horn

1/4 and 1/2 Upright Bass $79.27

All rentals must be picked up in our store. We do not ship rental instruments.