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Ukulele Lessons

Ukulele is one of our most popular instruments. It's a fun and very portable instrument, great for campfires!

Chad Walker - Ukulele Instructor - Klahanie and Saffron

Charlotte Gilbert - Ukulele Instructor - Saffron

Dennis Helppie - Ukulele Instructor - Klahanie

Devin Gaylord - Ukulele Instructor - Klahanie

Drea Castillo - Ukulele Instructor - Klahanie and Saffron

Harrison Forss - Ukulele Instructor - Saffron

Igor Rudenko - Ukulele Instructor - Saffron

James Hickey - Ukulele Instructor - Saffron

John ForsleffUkulele Instructor - Klahanie and Saffron

Josh Williams - Ukulele Instructor - Saffron

Mick Radford - Ukulele Instructor - Saffron

Moe Weisner - Ukulele Instructor - Saffron

Roger Rogers - Ukulele Instructor - Klahanie and Saffron

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