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Lesson Policies

Lesson frequency and duration

All lessons are private, one-on-one, lasting 30 or 60 minutes* in duration and typically scheduled once a week although some students opt to do multiple lessons weekly. We have availability 7 days a week. 

*Actual teaching time is less due to the transition time between students. Please expect approximately 1 minute to setup and 1 minute to breakdown, varies by instrument.


All lesson scheduling and payments are done at the front desk. Once we find an available time that works with your schedule, that time is yours until you tell us to change or stop. Instructors are NOT responsible for lesson schedule changes. Please notify the front desk if you have a scheduling conflict and would like to reschedule or cancel a lesson.


A lesson may be rescheduled or cancelled with at least 24 hours' notice before the scheduled time. Students who have selected Non-Membership Payment Plans will have 6 weeks to complete each package of 5 lessons, so 1 lesson in each 5-lesson package can be cancelled in advance without a makeup lesson. Students with Annual Memberships may cancel and reschedule lessons at will as long as they complete all 50 lessons within 52 weeks. Students with Annual Memberships may cancel up to 6 consecutive weeks while maintaining their weekly scheduled lessons. Reschedules or cancellations must be done with the front desk or online, NOT with the instructors. To reschedule or cancel a lesson, call us at 425-836-2263, send us an email, or login online.

IF YOUR STUDENT IS SICK: If you are sick and contagious, please DO NOT come to your in-person lesson. Please contact us BEFORE your lesson time to let us know you are sick. (At least 2 hours' notice is preferred) We will gladly reschedule your lesson to another date when you are well or offer an online lesson if available.

If you come to your lesson while you are sick, your instructor may cancel the lesson immediately and send you home. This will result in a charged lesson. 

Students with Annual Memberships will have until the end of their contract to reschedule sick cancellations.

Our instructors work in very close quarters with their students. Please take this into consideration while you are ill.

Substitute Instructors

Occasionally, an instructor will be unable to teach due to illness, travel, etc. In order to keep the learning process consistent, we try our best to supply a substitute instructor just as you would find in a public school. The substitute will review with you your assignments from the previous week and teach you the next step in your progression. They may add something unique that you may not hear from your regular instructor so take advantage of it. They will give you a new assignment for you to work on during the next week.


We do perform a background check on each instructor and have peep-holes through each door to ensure student's safety.

Power Outages

In the event of a power outage, we will continue to teach as long as possible as we have portable lanterns in each room.

Snow Closure

We will make an announcement on our voicemail and we will send out an email broadcast when we are closed due to snow. We DO NOT follow the public school district's closure schedule. We do have many instructors who live on the plateau and can make it in easily to teach.
If you need to cancel a lesson due to snow, please call us at 425-836-2263 or send an email as early as possible so that we may adjust our schedules appropriately.

Parents sitting in lessons

Parents who wish to observe a lesson are encouraged to make arrangements with the instructor, in advance, to audit either the first five minutes or the last five minutes of a lesson. Please keep in mind, when visitors are present during a lesson it can be a distraction as well as create performance anxiety and preclude the learning process. So, if arrangements are made in advance the teacher can prepare the student properly.

Special Needs

If the student has any medical issues, learning challenges, or behavioral issues, it is important to bring these issues to the attention of Moore Brothers Music staff. This is so we can properly match the student with the appropriate instructor as well as advise you in other related matters in an effort to better tailor the lesson plan to the student's needs.

Wait List

We schedule all of our weekly lessons indefinitely so we have no way to estimate when a particular time will open up in an instructor's schedule. We can add you to a wait list and we'll notify you of any openings as they become available. If nothing has become available within 120 days, we will email you to keep, update, or purge your request.  

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