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Here's a list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions we receive:

1. How do I look for available times online? If you are a new student, you may click the "In-Person Lessons" or "Online Lessons" links on our website's front page to find all available times for weekly recurring lessons. You will see a complete list of instruments we teach and 30 and 60-minute lessons. (Note: there are very few, if any, 60-minute lesson available times.) Click on the instrument you wish to learn and the lesson duration. A list of instructors' bios will be generated below. Click on an instructor's bio to see all available times for recurring lessons. You can click on a time to book that time. Available times are limited to 14 days in advance to prevent holding a time in an instructor's schedule for an excessive period of time.

If you don't have an account, the system will ask you to create an account. Parents will create an account for themselves as a Manager and each student will be their Dependent. Credit cards will be stored at the Manager level. A common mistake is for a parent to schedule lessons under their own name instead of their child's name. Don't worry if that happens. We can correct that at the front desk very easily.

2. How does the lesson billing work? Lessons will be charged for the remainder of the month when booked. Going forward, billing will take place on the 1st of each month for the entire month. The amount will depend on how many weeks are scheduled that month. We do not charge for holiday closures, so those dates are automatically removed from billing.

3. How do I access the online portal? For existing students. From any page on our website, click the "Student Login - Click Here" link at the very top of the page. Enter your email. If you have not yet setup or have forgotten your password, click the "Get a Login Link by Email" button. Gmail users can click the "Sign in with Google" button. Once in, you can update your password. 

We encourage you to update your student's photo so we can easily identify you when you come in for your lesson. 

4. How do I cancel a lesson and schedule a make-up? Rescheduling a lesson is a 2-step process. The first step is to cancel the lesson you wish to reschedule. You will see your Upcoming Schedule once logged into the online portal. Click the cancel button on the lesson you need to cancel. This will create a lesson credit to be scheduled as a make-up lesson. Credits will appear on the right of your Upcoming Schedule if you are viewing it on a PC. If you are using your phone, the credits will be below your Upcoming Schedule. To schedule a make-up lesson with a lesson credit, click the Use button on the lesson credit. You will then be able to search for available lesson times in the next 14 days and book it. Be sure that you go through the entire checkout process that will apply the credit as payment for the make-up lesson. Double-check your schedule to make sure the make-up lesson has been scheduled. 

You have 90 days to schedule a make-up lesson from the date the lesson was cancelled. You can have up to 4 lesson credits on your account at any one time. Additional cancellations will not generate a lesson credits. 

5. Why won't the system allow me to cancel a lesson next month without paying for the month of lessons? The system will have you pay for the next month's lessons if you are trying to cancel a lesson in the next calendar month. The system logic is to prevent cancellation and rescheduling of an unpaid lesson.

6. Will you hold my spot if I leave for 6 weeks? You can have up to 4 lesson credits on an account at any one time to be used for make-up lessons. If you plan to be gone longer than that, you may make up some of the lessons before you leave, then cancel the remaining lessons and make them up when you return. You will have 90 days to make up lessons from the date of cancellation.

7. What happens when an instructor cancels my lesson? Whenever the store has to close due to weather or an instructor cancels a lesson and we cannot provide a substitute instructor, we will discount the following month's invoice by the amount of the missed lesson. 

8. What if I don't want a substitute instructor? We will always try our best to provide a substitute instructor whenever your regular instructor is unable to teach your lesson. Occasionally, we will move your lesson to another instructor already teaching that day with availability. Other times, we will call another instructor who is not scheduled that day to come in to teach. We have had a few requests to not use substitutes for certain student's lessons. Unfortunately, we have no way to monitor this and cannot promise that we won't provide a substitute instructor for your lesson if your regular instructor is absent. Since we do have to pay the substitute instructor for all lessons scheduled that day, we do have to charge for the lesson even if you decide to not attend with the substitute. Substitutes will always continue your lessons where you left off but may also add a new perspective you would not normally get from your regular instructor. We encourage you to take advantage of this. 

9. How do I stop lessons permanently? You'll have to contact the front desk to stop lessons permanently. We only need 24 hours' notice before your next lesson. We will cancel all future lessons and refund your remaining weekly lessons scheduled the rest of the current month. Any unused lesson credits will expire when you stop weekly recurring lessons. Please make sure you schedule all make-up lessons BEFORE your last scheduled weekly lesson. 

10. What happens if my child is sick? Please do not come to lessons if you are sick. The lesson rooms are very small, and you are risking getting your instructor sick. Please contact the front desk BEFORE your lesson starts and we will gladly cancel your lesson and issue a make-up credit to be used in the next 90 days. Many instructors will be able to teach your lesson online when you are sick. Please check with the front desk before your lesson starts.

If your child is sick and shows up for an in-person lesson, the instructor may cancel the lesson and send the child home. In this instance, we do charge for the lesson and no makeup credit will be given. 

If we call you after the lesson has begun and you tell us you are sick, we will not issue a make-up credit.