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Seymour J Loomis Neck Amt, Blk 7 string
Seymour J Loomis Neck Amt, Blk 7 string

Seymour J Loomis Neck Amt, Blk 7 string

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Made exclusively for Jeff Loomis, this active 7-string neck humbucker is designed for detail, clarity and sustain.


When Jeff Loomis switches to his neck pickup for a solo, he requires clarity and detail to accurately translate his fast picking style, but also enough sustain to keep up with his legato techniques and enough dynamic range to play clean. His 7-string neck pickup achieves this with Alnico 5 rod magnets for each pole, providing single coil-like clarity with a slight bump in the treble frequencies and a focused low-end response to keep low notes from sounding too boomy. The overall feel is inspired by passive humbuckers but with the power, headroom and super-low noise of actives.

Jeff tested these pickups extensively around the world on tour with Arch Enemy, resulting in the 7-string version of his neck pickup being carefully calibrated to cope with the extended range of his signature Schecter guitars.

Available as passive mount with black brushed nickel covers and as an active mount soapbar