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Electro Harmonix Cockfight
Electro Harmonix Cockfight

Electro Harmonix Cockfight

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Guitar gods have used the cocked wah sound to create monster riffs that have earned a permanent place in the rock lexicon. That required finding the sweet spot in their wah pedal's sweep. The Cock Fight lets you achieve that cool cocked wah sound without the wah pedal. Tune in the tone you want. Add the built-in distortion for more grind and growl, or switch to the Talking Wah mode for a stuck voice-box sound. If you plug in an expression pedal, you can sweep the Cock Fight for jaw dropping wah and the tone you want.

- Great cocked wah and talking pedal sounds

- Like getting three pedals in one: crying wah + talking wah (with adjustable frequency) plus a classic fuzz
- Use with or w/out the fuzz. Place the fuzz before the filter for a vintage vibe or after for a more modern sound
- Adjustable bias control takes the fuzz from normal to a classic dying battery sound
- EXP input so you can sweep the wah and talking pedal with an expression pedal
- Includes an EHX 9.6DC-200 PSU, also works with 9V battery
- Dimensions in inches: 4.0 (w) x 4.75 (l) x 2.25 (h)
- Dimensions in mm: 102 (w) x 121 (l) x 89 (h)