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Jake Evans

Jake was introduced to us by our former drum instructor Adrian Van Batenburg. Adrian gushed to me over his smooth technique and vast knowledge. Watching him play, I see a true master at work. There's not a single bit of slop in his technique, yet it is smooth and relaxed and flowing with the music. I once heard a comment about how the master drummer Steve Gadd could bring a room full of drummers to tears playing nothing but half-notes. I feel the same way watching Jake playing rudiments on a practice pad and I hear the lyrics of Paul Simon in my head, "He makes it look so easy, he looks so clean, he move's like God's immaculate machine. He makes me think about all of these extra movements I make, and all of this herky-jerky motion, and the bag of tricks it takes."

I'm not going to say that he was born with this natural ability because I've witnessed how much he practices. He has put in the tens of thousands of hours to develop his craft and the practice and his own development is ongoing. Between his practice and his teaching he is in high demand in the local music scene.

Jake has a jazz studies degree from University of North Texas. He studied with Henry Oxstel, Mike Drake, and Ed Soph. Jake began teaching drums around the age of 22 at various schools around the Dallas area until his move to Seattle. He has worked at the Seattle Drum School, Donn Bennett Drum Shop, and Moore Brothers Music. He has toured and performed with a number of groups ranging from Jazz to Rock. Jake is currently working with a number of artists including: Joshua Morrison, Tresspassers William, Gems, Ormonde, John Grant and others.

Jake's calm demeanor and patience has made him a long-time favorite teacher at Moore Brothers Music.

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Instruments: Drums, Piano