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Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive Mod

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Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive Mod

Product Code: VL_Sparkle_Drive_MOD
Brand: Voodoo Lab

Availability: Out of stock

MSRP: $180.00 Our Price: $129.99

Are you a fan of a fabled little green dirt-box for the 80’s? Do you wish you could dial some clean signal to preserve some of your guitars attack and dynamics? Do you wish that you could alter the character of the pedal a bit? Maybe a little less midrange? Well this pedal will have you seeing more sparkles than at your 8 year old niece’s birthday party!

Seriously, they’re still vacuuming it up from their carpets.

Sparkle Drive MOD delivers all the overdrive tones of the original Sparkle Drive, but with a twist. Using the MOD switch, you can select the stock 808-based circuit, or instantly pick from 3 different custom modifications. Whether you need more gain, tighter bass response, a more vocal midrange, or a thick and juicy lead tone, Sparkle Drive MOD gives you the tools to get there.

In VINTAGE mode, you get the classic tube-style midrange grind that's great for blues or for boosting your solos. Mod 1 is the LEAD circuit with extra gain, a thick and juicy bottom end, and smooth highs that are perfect for single-note melodies. Mod 2 delivers punchy "mid cut" RHYTHM tones that are great for chunky rock power chords and funk. Mod 3 gives you the HIGH GAIN treatment with articulate highs and an aggressive bottom end.

Features also include a unique "clean" control that allows you to blend in a boosted direct signal restoring the attack and feel. Switching is true bypass via gold-contact relay.

CLICK HERE for additional detailed information regarding this really cool product.

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