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Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-90 Dog Ear Black Bridge Pickup

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Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-90 Dog Ear Black Bridge Pickup

Product Code: 11034-66
Brand: Seymour Duncan

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MSRP: $169.00 Our Price: $119.00

"A great value of antiquity lies in the fact that its writings are the only ones that modern men still read with exactness." - Friedrich Nietzsche

Imagine the pickups out of an old '52 gold top or a '59 ES-330. By removing the cover you'll find the same hand-fabricated bobbins, wire and "flatback" tape that was used in the originals. Two specially calibrated Dun-Aged™ Alnico II magnets are attached to a precision metal spacer which transfers the magnetic field to the strings via six fillister head pole pieces. The "dog ear" version comes with an aged thermoformed black cover that looks great! All versions have an authoritative, vintage tone.

Antiquity™ P-90s Neck Bridge
top pickup length: 3.158 3.158
top pickup width: 1.205 1.205
bottom plate length: 3.30 3.30
bottom plate width: 1.295 1.295
total pickup height: .640 .640
total magnet height: .125 .125
winding direction: top going top coming
pickup cover length: 4.645 4.645
pickup cover width: 1.60 1.60
pickup cover height: .315 .450
magnet polarity: north south
center to center: 3.825 3.825
calibrated yes yes
height adjustment: mounted in cavity mounted in cavity
magnet pattern: 2 bar magnets 2 bar magnets
DC Ohms: 7.9K 8.52k
Inductance: 6.85 henries 7.41 henries
Q: 2.84 2.84

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