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Desert Rose Vintage Pro Blue

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I purchased this Desert Rose Vintage Pro in the fall of 2022 and at the same time purchased a Universal 14 string Kline. Both are great instruments, but I have to make a decision as to which direction I will ultimately go in. The Desert Rose is easier to play, lighter, and I wouldn't be afraid to take it on stage as it was owned by a gigging musician. However, my heart is in the challenge of learning the Universal and I've decided to go down that rabbit hole. 

Once I purchased, I took both steels in for servicing. I had the Desert Rose lowered back to its original height, restrung with GHS strings, standard Emmons setup, with 3 pedals and 5 levers. It has a George L pickup. 

Matching blue pedal steel chair is available if purchased at full price plus actual shipping.