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BOSS AD-3 Acoustic Instrument Processor (USED - Excellent)
BOSS AD-3 Acoustic Instrument Processor (USED - Excellent)

BOSS AD-3 Acoustic Instrument Processor (USED - Excellent)

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This unit has been on display for a while. We've lost the box so we're selling it as a Demo unit in Excellent condition. 

Boss AD-3 Acoustic Instrument Processor Multi Effects Pedal  

Developed for stage and studio use, the AD-3 gives acoustic-electric guitarists a warmer, richer sound thanks to its Tone shaping controls specially tailored for acoustic-electric guitars, high-quality Reverb and chorus, as well as a built-in Feedback eliminator. Quite simply, this compact pedal is an acoustic musician's best friend.

  • Compact acoustic instrument processing pedal developed exclusively for acoustic-electric guitarists
  • Footswitchable Bi-Stereo chorus offers split-frequency processing (Low and High) for natural, smooth chorus effect
  • Studio-quality Reverb provides clear, deep reverberation specially tuned for acoustic guitar
  • Newly developed "Bottom" and "Top" controls offer variable tonal shaping to eliminate "dry" sound from piezo pickups and add rich, resonant lows and brilliant highs
  • Special Guitar Amp output provides proper impedance and tonal balance for connection to a guitar amp
  • Stereo balanced outputs allow for direct connection to PA
  • Automatic Feedback Eliminator can be manually set to eliminate feedback or can be set to "Auto" mode via footpedal
  • Battery or AC-powered for maximum flexibility
Specs AD Conversion 20-bit ΔΣ Modulation DA Conversion 20-bit ΔΣ Modulation Sampling Frequency 44.1 kHz Nominal Input Level -10 dBu Input Impedance 4.7 M ohms Nominal Output Level Output: -10 dBu into 10 k ohms, Balanced output: -10 dBm into 600 ohms Connectors Input (1/4" phones), Outputs (L, R; 1/4" TRS phones), DC In Power Supply DC9V Dry Batteries (LR6 (AA) x 6), AC Adaptor Current Draw 90 mA Accessories Dry Batteries (LR6 (AA) x 6) Option PSA Series AC Adaptor Size and Weight Width 170 mm 6-3/4 inches Depth 156 mm 6-3/16 inches Height 70 mm 2-13/16 inches Weight 1.0 kg 2 lbs. 4 oz.