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Liann Garcia

As a cellist, Liann has performed for over 18 years with numerous groups and has over 11 years of teaching experience. She has performed with groups such as the Newton Mid-Kansas Symphony Orchestra, Delano Chamber Players, Friends University Community Orchestra, and the Wichita Youth Symphony Orchestras. In 2010, Liann was the first cellist in 5 years to win the Youth Talent Competition and soloed with the Wichita Youth Symphony at Century II Concert hall.

She attended Friends University with a major in Cello Performance. During her time there, she was a part of multiple workshops, masterclasses, festivals, bands, recitals and Theater productions with the Crown Uptown Theater. In 2013, she toured with the Singing Quakers along with the Falcon String Quartet. She has also been a guest artist as part of the Friends University Jazz band, Wichita Wind Ensemble, Friends University Piano Trio, and was a featured performer with singer, song writer, and actor, Troy Baker.

Liann first discovered her passion for teaching back in 2008 while teaching students from the local schools in the area. Since then, she has had students of all ages and levels of playing. She tailors her teaching to the students’ individual needs and learning styles. She appreciates that everyone processes information differently and at their own pace, but always try to encourage them to push themselves by accomplishing both large and small goals over the course of their lessons. Over the years, she has taught one-on-one lessons, small group sessions, sectionals, and classes for large summer camp orchestras. Though Cello is her main instrument, she is also proficient in violin, viola, and piano.

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Instruments: PianoCelloViolaViolin