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Jona Brown

Jona Brown is a Classically trained Jazz Pianist, Organist and Bassist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Professional Music. Jona started on Piano and Bass at the age of 13, playing for church recitals and services every Sunday, along with playing the Hammond B-3 Organ. During high school, he auditioned and was accepted to Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter school in Pennsylvania, in which he was first introduced to the jazz idiom.

After graduating high school, Jona left to study under Cleveland pianists Joe Hunter and Jackie Warren. Jona attended Berklee College of Music on the North American scholarship while also spending one year studying at Berklee's Valencia Campus in Spain. 

After a multitude of tours and countless amounts of performances in the greater Boston and Valencia Area, he relocated to the Pacific Northwest to further participate in music. Jona is a fan or Rubik's Cubes, Chess and Bicycles. He was also a high-rise window cleaner for a short amount of time in Seattle. Jona was a registered Piano Technician under Berklee's work study program, and now tunes pianos. Additionally, he is in a jazz quartet with Moe Weisner, a bass instructor at Moore Brothers Music.

Days for ONLINE lessons: Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

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Instruments: PianoUpright Bass, Electric Bass