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Group Lessons

Sign up for our Group Rock Bands Starting in January

Online registration is now available for our group lessons! Go to the Student Login and click on the Group Workshops tab. There is a seperate registration for each instrument in each class so we don't end up with 3 drummers and 1 keyboardist (although that could be very cool!).

There are 3 different groups to choose from: Adult Weekend Warriors, Teen Garage Band, and Kids Rock Band. This is also a silent rock band utilizing the Roland HS-5 Session Mixer to mix each instrument together and all players will hear the entire band through headphones or a small amp in the room.

Some of the concepts we'll be exploring in these sessions will include:

  1. Instrument Interaction
  • Instrument ranges
  • Executing song details
  • Soloing and comping
  • Playing with and off others
  • Rehearsal techniques
  • Song Analyzation
    • Establishing key centers
    • Chord progressions
    • Arranging and parts distribution
    • Writing chord charts
  • Exploring Music Styles
    • Blues
    • Jazz
    • Reggae
    • Rock
    • etc.
  • Live Performance Tips & Tricks
    • Bandmate responsibilities
    • Set list development
    • Preparation
    • Presentation

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