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Lessons - Piano

We highly recommend every music student start with piano/keyboard lessons starting as young as age 5. All other instruments we start at age 8. We find a much higher success rate of students starting other instruments such as guitar if they had several years of piano lessons.

Here's a tip: Don't tell your child they can switch from piano to another instrument of choice when they turn 8. Instead, give them a goal like finishing the books Faber Level 2B, 3B, 4, or 5. This way they must work towards their goal.

We have piano teachers for all levels of student: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Check out out piano instructors' profiles below for more information on their backgrounds.


Luke Bergman - Instructor Dan Rapport - Instructor Gary Palmer - Instructor Suzanne Brewer - Instructor Katie Jacobson - Instructor James Hickey - Instructor Hans Klein - Instructor Meghan Torone - Instructor

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