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Keeley Delay Workstation

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Keeley Delay Workstation

Product Code: KWSDelay
Brand: Keeley

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Our Price: $299.00

Don't delay!
...or... do... 

Space, ambience, echo… it comes in many names and forms and now it’s all in one compact pedal. With multiple delays and reverbs crammed into a simple three button stompbox, each able to work independently or mixed together for incredible results, this might be the delay machine to end all delay machines.

Effects Include:

  • Slapback w/reverb
  • Tape Delay w/tone control
  • Multi-Head Echo w/3 head control
  • Analog Delay w/dynamic modulation
  • Digital Delay w/inverse dynamic modulation
  • Subdivided Delay w/dotted eighth, eighth, triplet, sixteenth
  • Ducking w/compression ratio
  • Pitch Shifting delay with w/octave up/down control
  • Spring Reverb w/tension control
  • Chamber Reverb w/filter control
  • Hall Reverb w/tone control
  • Plate Reverb w/tone control
  • Shimmer w/octave up control
  • Flanged Reverb w/vibrato or random modulation

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