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You commit to learning to play, and we'll pay for your instrument!

We understand that it's tempting to go cheap on an instrument when paying for private music lessons. Though tempting, please don't do this. A poor quality instrument will only guarantee your child's failure. The sad part of it is that the child believes they can't learn to play music when they've just been given a sub-par tool to practice with. Of course, the most common reason we hear is: "I don't want to invest a lot of money until I know my child will stick with it." We don't like wasting money on our children's everchanging interests either. We've heard it so much that we finally decided to do something about it. From now on, we're going to take the price of your instrument out of the equation.

If you want an instrument priced less than $200, it's yours FREE!!!!

So you want something nicer?

Say you have your eye on an electric guitar with a price tag of $499.99 (MSRP $669). We'll sell that guitar to you for 1/2 MSRP. That's $165.49 less than you will find it anywhere else, online or otherwise. PERIOD!

Let's take a more extreme example: Say you want an acoustic on our wall with a $3,199.99 price tag (MSRP $4,178). Half of MSRP is a savings of $1,110.99!!!

So what's the catch?

As mentioned above, "You commit to learning to play and we'll pay for your instrument!" All we ask is for you to commit to learning the instrument for 1 year. More specifically, you commit to taking 50 30-minute lessons in the next 52 weeks at our store, we'll charge you a flat rate each month on the same day, and you can go home with a brand new FREE instrument.

Worried that your child will be excited in the beginning and lose interest shortly thereafter? Good. We've designed this program recognizing that new music students go through "The 4-Month-Slump". Many will give up easily when the challenges get a little harder. Those that make it through the slump, whether on their own or pressured by their parents, will have succeeded in persisting though a challenge when they were not motivated. Their musical skills will have improved but more importantly, they will now be better prepared to take on future obstacles and challenges. The ability and desire to break through barriers, more than any "natural" talent or ability, is what makes great musicians.

Before doing this, have a serious talk with your child and make sure they understand they will be committing to lessons for the next year. It will be easier to keep them practicing each week knowing that they are committed AND knowing that at the end of the year, they can get another new instrument. Since starting this program, we've seen very motivated kids especially towards the end of their contracts as they start looking for their next free, or heavily discounted, instrument.

Getting a free instrument for a 1 year committment to lessons is a pretty good deal but....

Even better: We'll refund you $100 at the end of the contract if 1 or more of the following is true:

  • you finish the 50 30-minute lessons in less than 6 months,
  • you are 62 years old or over,
  • you are military,
  • or if you have a family member taking lessons throughout the entire time it takes you to complete the 50 lessons.

Even more better: After you finish your 50 lessons, you can pick another instrument off the wall at 1/2 MSRP (or FREE) and do it again! This is a great way to get (or give) free Christmas, Hannukah, or Birthday presents for years!

Even better more better!: As with all our students, you will still get 10% off all other retail purchases at Moore Brothers Music.

Still have questions? Click here for our FAQ page.

We've always been committed to providing the best instruction and the best instruments. Now we're going to prove that we will do whatever it takes to help our students reach their musical potential!

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