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Catalinbread Karma Suture Guitar Fuzz Pedal - top view

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Catalinbread Karma Suture Guitar Fuzz Pedal

Product Code: Karma_Suture
Brand: Catalinbread

Availability: Out of stock

Our Price: $169.99


Here’s a fuzz that will have you in stitches! Crank it up and play mean and it will snarl back. Roll your guitar down and play nice and you get a pleasant, sparkling clean. It’s so responsive to touch and full sounding you’d think there were mysterious forces at work keeping the harmonics balanced.

This fuzz pedal is so much more than a dynamic low-gain overdrive. You can easily get buried in the weeds with some of the more complex and highly configurable pedals out there. The Karma Suture 4-knob layout provides just enough control without sending you down the rabbit hole, allowing you to dial in your sound quickly while providing plenty of options. Quite a feat of balancing features vs. usability! Especially in this price range!

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