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Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret (Marshall)

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Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret (Marshall)

Product Code: DLS
Brand: Catalinbread

Availability: Out of stock

Our Price: $169.99

Psssst… you…yeah, you… I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. You don’t need a huge amp to get a that big overdrive from across the pond. If you wanna get dirty…

CLICK HERE for additional detailed information regarding this really cool product.

• The tone controls get reconfigured, depending on what mode the pedal is set to. Whether in SL or SB mode, the tone circuit is exactly, part-for-part, the same tone circuit as found in Super Lead and Super Bass Marshalls, and they will behave and interact the same way as on their amp counterparts.

• Full featured bass, middle, and treble tone controls provide precise adjustments for a multitude of tones and to match your amp and guitar.

• Preamp controls the gain or amount of overdrive. The new DLS was tuned to allow a bit more gain than most plexi Marshalls actually got. Super Bass mode was tuned to have less gain then the Super Lead mode to get more of that early Marshall response.

• Master knob controls the output volume. For the best response out of your DLS, you should set the Master volume so that the sound with the DLS engaged is a bit louder than your bypassed sound.

• Consider your guitar's volume knob as part of the Dirty Little Secret's control surface. Even in Super Lead mode with the Pre-Amp cranked, you can get a perfectly clean sound by rolling back your guitar's volume knob.

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